I am so thankful for Alyssa. After I lost my husband Brian, in 2016, the house we built our family in became more than I wanted to keep up with. I contacted Alyssa and she went right to work. This was an emotional decision I was making and Alyssa knew that. She took special care to make sure she took care of all the details in selling a home. I could contact her anytime I needed to and ask about the smallest details. After we put the house on the market, I needed to get busy and decide where I wanted to live. I fell in love with the one and only place we looked at! Alyssa took care of all the details and before I knew it I was in the process of moving into my new home. Alyssa encouraged me to keep my house on the market in the winter and it paid off. Sold it in Feb! Alyssa also helped to facilitate the purchase of some property at Holiday Lake which my family and friends enjoy as much as I do. I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone who is looking for a new home, or deciding to put their home on the market! I’m happy to call her my friend now. Best wishes to you Alyssa, I can’t thank you enough.

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